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Hi, I'm Max

Who am I?

My parents immigrated from Austria to Canada where I was born.  When I was seven we moved to Port Huron, Michigan to take on a family business, which, when not in school or the soccer field is where I spent my time helping and learning.  I attended Cranbook Kingswood school where I would meet my wife.  I would go on to study Materials and Metallurgical engineering at the University of Toronto with focus on process engineering and plant design as well as working international internships in both the Steel and Metal Finishing industries.  Upon graduating I moved back to Michigan to work in manufacturing, a field in which I have spent nearly two decades building businesses supplying auto parts around the world.  My wife Michelle attended medical school at Wayne State and in 2015 took a position as an attending physician at St John Hospital in Detroit at which time we moved to Grosse Pointe Park.  We have fallen in love with this community, our family has made more meaningful friendships and relationships than we could have imagined, that is especially true for our son Julius and daughter Marion.

While my work has given me experience in managing people, budgets, coordinating capital projects.  I have always been willing to put the work in and get my hands dirty to get the job done, but, I also know that I still have plenty to learn.  I always strive to collaborate, to ensure that the group can achieve more than just the sum of it's parts.  A paramount focus will be to listen to the community and foster a sense of teamwork to help this community grow and achieve the utmost potential.  

Why I'm running?

I have spent the last year and a half following the council and the various committees intently.  Unfortunately, I don't believe our community is being served as well as it should be.  As someone who loves raising our children here I feel an obligation to help.

I bring a professional skill set as an engineer, as an owner and operator of multiple businesses as a proud parent and engaged resident (I'm even a mediocre soccer coach). I believe these traits are desperately needed on this council (maybe not the soccer coaching). 

I have real experience in the issues that face the city and I have willingness to listen to and work with others to get the job done.

We are all blessed to live in the Park, I want to do my part to expand on what makes it such an incredible place to live.

Focusing on Core Competency


Taxes are a big responsibility for residents, so sound management of that money is the paramount responsibility of the city, both short and long term.  Furthermore, the City of Grosse Pointe Park has been blessed with world class facilities for our residents.  We owe it to the residents to take care of and improve upon what we have.

Public Safety

Our Public Safety does a tremendous job keeping our residents safe.  We need to ensure they have the resources and support they need to serve everyone in the community.


The needs of residents need to be understood and responded too, whether it is the water infrastructure, making sure leaves and garbage are picked up on time or ensuring utilities are responsive.  It is unacceptable that residents go into a panic every time it rains.  The council needs to be proactive so residents can focus on their lives and families. 

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